Angel Wisdom Tarot


Et nyt unikt kortsæt fra Radleigh Valentine

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Angel Wisdom Tarot – af Radleigh Valentine på engelsk

Et nyt unikt kortsæt fra Radleigh Valentine

Rich with symbolism, with new features not found in other tarot decks, this is the latest angel tarot deck from international bestselling author Radleigh Valentine.

This new angel tarot deck from internationally bestselling author Radleigh Valentine will appeal to traditionalists, newcomers to tarot and card readers looking for something unique. Radleigh draws from the long history of tarot to ensure each card is full of rich symbolism, while also removing the fear-based imagery and words that scare off new readers.

Unique features of the cards, not seen in any other deck, bring even further dimensions to each card reading:

Består af 78 kort + guidebog på engelsk


Dette sæt kommer ikke på dansk, men der er allerede udkommet tre meget succesfulde danske kortsæt med Radleigh Valentine:

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